releases // Semtam: Set (Years of Slow Cryptomnesia)

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Semtam - Set - Cover art

Catalogue no.: KAKTORG010

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Are you here? Like now? Like now now? Like in this very moment? And then in the one which follows? And the next one? And another one? Tough living then. Much easier to lay our trust on the illusion of past and future and hold on to stuff which only makes our walk heavier. Stuff that makes us believe many weird things which do even weirder things to our lives. While we all shall and we paradoxically do share the same. Same light, same time, same tribe, same DNA.

At the end there will be a simple information, kept offline from the collective unconsciousness of mankind for various reasons. The information that will save all the incorporated souls, losing their lives for concepts far weaker then the noble and simple cornerstones of something which can be called our true purpose. And I mean all the living beings and ghosts.

But only if we let ourselves get to our true selves, not running, not scared and not ignoring, only then we will be able to survive in this world, which holds so much beauty and so little anger in itself. Only we have to embed ourselves in the flux of the universal flow. Learn to let go in order to find again. To see what it is to BE, to be able to remember what could be, if we wanted. Not to lose the trace of where and how we can go in the direction of one love more then one war.

But trust me. Im a dog. < Back