About Kaktusrecordings Dot Org

The Kaktusrecordings label has already existed for quite a long time. The underground crowd connected with drum'n'bass/jungle scene and the Prague's Punto Azul club are familiar with the various artists on this label, but throughout the rest of Czech Republic and the world around it's known only to a few trained listeners.

Kaktus came out in a flash in 2001 first releasing the 12" vinyl Kaktus001, where its authors - Igraczech and Touchwood - have shown off their own production style. Since then, Kaktus was standing dormant, flooded with ideas and growing. Now the time has come to show that after six years it's still there. The web you're watching now is our new home and all the musical stories will be available here as free downloadable high quality MP3 releases.

Kaktusrecordings Dot Org is familiar with every musical style and genre. As opposed to many dancefloor-specialised labels, we expect our music to get to our listeners through their ears more than their feet :-)

Kaktus is permanently seeking for new artists. If you want to share your music, get in touch.
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