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Bashway - Ruby Superstar - Cover Art


Still Smokin'

We’re proud to finally release two new (mostly) drum’n’bass releases from our label artists.

Breakz is a fresh meat coming with his debut album/EP Fruity Sound [KAKTORG007]. If you’re seeking the harder seed of these two releases (even though this one has really beautiful atmospherical sunset), check this newcomer. Deep bass-lines, state-of-the-art jungle of beats and almost classical massive d’n’b sound brings the oldschool feeling of the old and almost forgotten golden era of drum’n’bass meeting the central european ethnical influence.

Prague-based producer Robert Varga a.k.a. Bashway just released his second album, called Ruby Superstar [KAKTORG008]. While first part of his album is rather drum’n’bass-dancefloor-oriented, starting with Bashway’s distinct melancholics and slowly rolling off on screaming bass-lines, second half flies by more sophisticated lines of dirty tech crunch, breakbeat and downtempo occassionaly brushed by some essential electric guitar riffs. < Back