news // Another two debut releases on kaktusrecordings

Bashway - Fear When Fury - Cover Art


Another two debut releases on kaktusrecordings

Coming up with next releases, we're proud to bring you really nice piece of art work by Reznyk on his 7-track EP. And of course, there's one more debut album by Bashway for all the drum'n'bass fans.

Bashway - Fear When Fury

„I think I'm a composer.“, says Bashway's funky homepage. Born in 1986 when the Chernobyl was ruined, this emerging drum’n’bass artist influenced by various jungle, d’n’b and chillout music debuts on our label with his groovy drum’n’bass long player.

Reznyk - Nem Lényeges

Back then in 2001 we've spotted Reznyk [the butcher] first with his unbelievably hard and relentless techno sets at LIVC Summer Camp. Now, when he's reached his producer era, we're proud to present his debut EP, remarkably slowing down from his former timeline. < Back