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Semtam - Star Ing - Cover art

Catalogue no.: KAKTORG002

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Star ing... is about the engineering of stars, about staring at them and about staring at all the people who do create music lately and who do seem to speak and express with that somehow. Star ing... is about using the common language in order to be understood and to have an open communication with the universe around and inside. The universe where for everyone of us there is the fullmoon in our days, which influences us, which is always there and that there is a some sort of beauty in the duty to watch it, and to be watched by it as it's circling round.

Star ing... is also about the other people we do share the world with, about food which unites us and about that there shall be more of kebab for everybody, even though there might be some monsters hidden in it - we shall not fear, we shall enjoy the full bus and tolerate it, as hope is very near and the world we live in, it's kinda like westernised and its still missing the south, the north, the east and the middleearth. Secrets later do always harm as truth is an intelligent creature. As the true nature of secrets makes them live independently on our will, the secret's enlightment is to get public. Somehow it's all just funny, how we are all included in it. Somehow we are all in one. One love. < Back