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Under the training of DJ Ghonzales at the LIVC DJ School in Prague, Dialect began his DJ career. Michael's tastes progressed until he found the style which suited him. He chucked out his old tech-house wax in favour of the more Slovak sound, which finally led him to the Birmingham techno sounds.
Now he is sticking to the dark, evil, industrial sounds of the Birmingham producers, such as Surgeon, Grovskopa, Luka Baumann, Makaton, Paul Damage etc.
His career began in small clubs around Prague and the Czech Republic. Then, with his good DJ friend, Reznyk, he began his own techno nights in Prague. Soon he was playing host to such live acts as: The 65D Mavericks (surface, UK), Grovskopa (emergence, pohjola, SWE), Luka Baumann (psnz rec, CRO), Elektrabel (axis, CZ), Supagrupa (supagrupa rec, SK) and DJs such as Monoide (SK), Technodeluxe (HU), Daho & Ginger, Agent, Pavel Kreidl, Nika77, Sidecar, Monotype, Pietro, Touchwood, Igraczech, Ghonzáles, and many many others.
With his production skills growing rapidly, Kaktusrecordings Dot Org are proud to serve as home to Dialect's musical journeys. < Back