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Spinning since 1999, Igraczech is active central-european drum'n'bass and electronic music freak. All the years Igraczech was smashing dancefloors at more than 100 venues in Czech Republic and not only Prague, Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava clubs, Spilka, Piranha, Swamp, XT3, U Sudu, Roxy and last but not least Punto Azul.
You can find Igraczech’s older tracks in MP3 section his second personal server All the new stuff should be released here. There are four private-press albums (Destination: Trashcan, Platform, No.command and Nothingness of Existence), fifth album Ctrl-Art-Escape officially released as Punto Azul: Presence vol. 2 and free net-release at Igraczech the producer debuted in 2001 with 12" single Witch Instinct on own label KAKTUS Recordings based together with one of leaders of Czech d'n'b scene - DJ Touchwood. The album No.command, was rated 9/10 in Czech club scene magazine Ultram:x. Together with canadian Adam Stepanek aka DJ Marvel, they founded project called Edgestatika and produced some heavy dancefloor drum'n'bass tracks often played from Final Scratch, but never released.
2005-2006 were huge in Cross Club at Digital Penetration and other parties, experimenting between electronica, breakcore, experimental music and all the different styles together with first live appearances and lots of artists from UK, Sweden, Hungary and so on.
In the 2007 there are still running residential nights at Prague: monthly at clubs Styx, Le Mirage, former Punto Azul, Prague. The repertoire now consists of 66 % d’n’b and the rest is breakbeat, downtempo and self-made tracks played using Ableton, djDecks or Final Scratch at least once a month as the best favorite for future performances. < Back